BANDE UTKALA JANANI is the second film of Lotus Films Pvt Ltd. After a total family film ‘Chaka Chaka Bhaunri’ this is a complete action film including police, politics and  journalism –  A present day story. The story and direction was minutely done by Mr Suvendu Swain and producers are Pankaj Mohanty, Debasish Dagara, Pragati Mohanty. That this is the first oriya movie to be released through satellite using Digital UFO system, Which will give maximum viewing pleasure with improved visual as well as sound quality.


This is a complete fresh story without any smell of remake or copy. In this story a lady journalist holds the key to the story and due to her courage, risk taking and confidence the secret is revealed and the story moves. The police station is the family which is the center of all activities. 3 police officers and the lady journalist are working together with a common goal to eradicate political corruption and goondagardi in the society.


This is Sarat nayak’s second film. He was introduced by Lotus films in ‘Chaka Chak Bhaunri’. In this movie the songs are completely modern in nature. lyrics by Bapu Goswami, Panchanana   Nayak and Bijaya Malla. Music arrangement has been done by Nityashri  Ranjan. To make it appealing to youth all songs have been done by keyboard sequencing. Abhijit Majumdar has sang a song. He is the first composer after Late Sri Akshaya Mohanty to sing a song in a film for another music composer.


Sri Hara Baric has written for film for the first time. The dialogues are very hard hitting and to the point. It is realistic and people of Orissa who are concerned with the state of affair of Orissa will find a voice in it. It is expected that audience will come out of cinema hall repeating the dialogues in loud voice. It is bold and blood chilling.


Rashid Meheta of Bollywood has given the action direction. He has been working with Sunil Shetty since long and recently has worked with Ram Gopal Verma. There are 7 fights and each fight is designed in a different style. The climax fight is the gun fight which will be completely new to the oriya audience. For the first time in recent time sound and effects has been given due importance. Sri Manas Choudhury an oriya who has made name in bollywood ( Chak De India fame and national award winner ) has done the sound. Debasis Mishra who has done sound in ‘ Sarkar Raj’ has also worked in it. For the love of Oriya film when they were approached by Suvendu Swain ( he was not known to them ) they agreed to work for free for the betterment of Oriya film. As such their fees are not affordable by our industry. Long live Oriya Spirit.

Bollywood fame Mr Jems has done the choreography, who has done films like Rehna Hai Tere Dil Main. So the songs will have a fresh bollywood look.  Camera work is done by young oriya cameraman Abhiram Mishra and Editing is done by Susanta mani. So you can say it’s a technician’s movie full of new and advanced techniques to take oriya movies to a new height.

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